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Event Info

All players should start here. You'll find the schedule of our upcoming events, forms you'll need to fill out and bring with you, as well as what will happen the day of each event, and finally you'll be able to register and pay for those events.

Event Registration

Registration, Pricing, & Deadlines

Event Schedule

Schedule of Upcoming Events

Day Of

What happens the Day Of the event


Forms you'll need to attend events

Location Info

Our Camp

Our camp, Ye Olde Commons, is located on over 40 acres, and is a dedicated site with cabins, bathrooms, showers, electricity and hot water. You'll be able to enjoy your weekend adventure, and still be able to shower if you want. Our Tavern can seat over 150 people and is complete with a bar and a full service commercial kitchen for hot sit down meals.

You'll be fully immersed in the world of Draconis without fear of being washed away by rain, having to use an outhouse, or being cold all weekend.

You're also encourage to bring decoration materials with you so you can decorate your cabin. You can add an extra flair to your living space, so you'll feel 100% immersed in our world!

What to Bring

Draconis provides most items you'll need for your stay with us. Here are the few exceptions:

  • Sleeping bag or blankets.
  • A pillow, or you can wad up your cloak.
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc) & Shower Gear.
  • A simple costume, makeup w/ remover & boffer weapons.
  • Two pairs of comfortable shoes/boots.
  • Extra pairs of socks.
  • Any medications you may need
  • Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, decongestant, etc
  • Light sticks
  • Insect Repellant
  • If you don't sign up for a meal plan, bring food for the entire weekend. You may want to bring extra snacks to tide you over between meals. We also don't provide dinner on Friday night, so you should eat dinner before you arrive.

Site Info

Stores within 10 minutes of our camp:

  • CVS
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Wendy's


  • "Live" steel or any sort of real weapon. You won't be able to wear it on your costume, so please, just don't bring them with you.
  • Alcohol or any Illegal drugs. We're serious. Anyone found with these on their person, or found under the influence will be asked to leave Immediately.

Welcome to Adventure!

Enter our world and we'll take you on a never-ending journey into the realm of Dragons, Sorcerers, Knights, and whatever else your imagination can dream of! We're confident that you'll find Draconis to be an exciting experience that will have you looking forward to the next event!

Join Us!

Players Area

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Draconis Rulebook

This is the main rulebook

Draconis Equipment

Equipment & Crafting Rulebook

Draconis Spellbook

All the spells in Draconis

Draconis Quick Start

Short summary of the rules

Create your Character

Character creation at Draconis

Costuming for Draconis

What to wear!

The Passing of the Light

Draconis Audio Theatre - Prologue

Dear Jehanne (Jane)

Draconis Audio Theatre Episode 1


Draconis Audio Theatre Episode 2

Dear Kira

Draconis Audio Theatre Episode 3

The Prophecy

A hero will arise

Campaign Setting

The state of affairs in Andorel

World Map

Map of Andorel


The Pantheon

Major Characters

Who you should know

Draconic Expectations

A taste of what you can expect at Draconis!

Time spent having FUN!100%
Time spent fighting for your character's life 50%
Time spent healing/getting healed75%
Time spent enjoying the outdoors90%

FAQ (Common Questions)

When, Where, How Much?

Please visit our Event info page HERE for that information.

What should I bring?

Not too much, click HERE for the list of things to bring!

Is there an age limit?

Participants must be at least 18 years old at the time of the event. Younger children may attend if they are accompanied by a parent/guardian. We don't have any upper age limit, so don't hesitate to join us!

Do I need a costume?

Yes, and some people really go all out, but if you don't have the money for that, you don't have to go crazy. Keep in mind, the better your costume, the more immersed you'll feel in the world, and the more interesting the whole experience will be for you and your friends. You'll look out of place wandering around the woods in a t-shirt, jeans, and your sneakers while everyone else is IN costume. Click HERE and look in the "Costuming for Draconis" tab for more information.

Will I feel weird or silly?

If you're never done anything like this, you might feel silly. We're confident that at the end of the weekend, you'll be jumping into the story with both feet, and enjoying it! One of our players started out the first time just sitting on the side-lines because she didn't know what to do and didn't feel comfortable. By Saturday afternoon, she was chasing down bandits, brandishing her sword!

Will I have to do any acting?

No, not at all. You'll be wearing a costume, so that *could* be considered similar to acting, but you'll just be interacting with the staff (in their roles as townsfolk) as you would in normal life. Don't feel pressured to use any form of "old English" speak (e.g. using "thou", etc). Many of our players speak plain English, but refrain from talking about any modern things (people, places or technology). The weekend is all about you and your group creating a story based on the actions and decisions you make.

Can I come for just part of the weekend?

We strongly discourage attending only a part of the weekend because the game is designed for an entire weekend, and your character abilities will likely be needed at some point. The other reason is that we have a very limited number of spots for the weekend, and if you take a spot, you'll have to pay for the entire weekend, even if you have to leave early. Otherwise we could give your spot away to a player that really wants to attend for the whole time.

How will I know what to do?

We get this question a lot, and the answer is "It's easy, just do what you would normally do in each situation." No need to act in any particular way. There's no script, and no explicit instructions that you have to follow. If your party needs it, we will provide you with direction, but it's up to you to do something with whatever information you may have. If a woman approaches you in the tavern and tells you she knows how you can earn yourself a bag of gold, what do you do? Do you follow her to meet with the contact? Do you check your pockets in case she was just distracting you so she could lighten your purse? The decision is yours!

What if I don't like the people in my group?

If you join as an individual, we'll ask you to tell us about yourself and what you would like to get out of Draconis. We do our best to match people with other like-minded adventurers so their goals are aligned. When we're building groups of adventurers, we take everything into account, including personalities, weekend goals, and character abilities, and build the best groups possible. Even with all of our hard work, there may be some people that aren't getting along. We have staff contacts who will deal with those situations on a case by case basis. In general, going through intense experiences in an adventure weekend usually draws people together and smooths over any bumps in the group.

How real is it? Is it safe?

This is a game, but when you're battling for your characters' life against a dragon, or maybe a bandit in the woods who wants to take your gold, it can feel very real. Your adrenaline will kick in, and the excitement level goes up. You'll be running around the woods wearing your costume with a group of other players, but obviously magic doesn't *truly* exist, and your weapons are actually harmless. All weapons used in the game have to pass a safety test, and if there is any question about a weapons' safety, it will be prohibited. All possible precautions are taken with weapons, and they're all made of padded foam materials. Other things in the game will feel very real. Whether it's finding treasure chests, disabling a trap, haggling with a merchant, or spending time in the tavern, you'll be surprised at how fun and real the experience feels! In general, sometimes people will end up with a small bruise or two because they tripped on something in the woods, but other than that, we take safety very seriously and work hard to prevent any and all injuries.

Can I bring friends or attend by myself?

Draconis is "adventure party" oriented. By that we mean that you'll be part of an adventure group of six people all weekend. You'll be interacting with all of the other players and staff members, but your main adventuring party will be comprised of that group of six.

If you'd like to come with five other friends or family members, you can be your own adventuring party together. If you come with fewer people, we can fill your group with other players, or we'll place you in a party we think you'll enjoy. For many participants, coming with people they already know is a terrific way to get even closer.

Since each party is comprised of six people, we recommend balancing your abilities so that everyone makes a contribution. For example, we wouldn't recommend putting 6 wizards together, because they won't have anyone to heal them. If you sign up with fewer than six players, and need a few players to fill out your adventuring party, we'll do our best to give you players that balance your group.

I'm not in great shape/I'm Pregnant, is Draconis for me?

Yes, it's very likely that you'll be fine. There are many different ways to enjoy an adventure weekend like ours. Some players really enjoy running through the woods, active sword fighting, chasing the bandits on foot, etc... while others would much rather walk casually through the woods, and if their party gets involved in a battle, they would prefer to stand behind the front line fighters and cast spells. Both are possible, and both are encouraged! If you have any concerns about your ability to participate, please let us know through our Contact Us page HERE, and we can discuss your particular situation.

Don't just take our word for it, hear it from one of our participants: "Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for accommodating me this event. I was worried, since I'm 4.5 months pregnant, that I would end up sitting in the tavern, bored and combat-flagged, all weekend. None of the combat or trips through the woods was very strenuous, and everyone was very great about checking on me. During one mod, we had to crawl under something to get to the other side, and the staff member bringing us through the mod offered to just let me pass if I couldn't crawl. I did anyway, but I was really grateful for the forethought about it." - A.D.

I'm not a "camper", will I be comfortable?

YES! You will definitely be comfortable. Our camp site is quite comfortable, and has cabins with electricity, and bunks with mattresses. You may bring a space heater with you if it's in good condition and you don't leave it unattended. In the tavern, they have showers and hot water for those who would like to shower each day.

This sounds really cool, but I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable attending.

Yes, we know, and you're not alone. It's natural to be a little intimidated by something new like our game. It's easy and comfortable to spend the weekend at home because you know what to expect, how to deal with it, etc. When it comes to an adventure weekend with Draconis, you'll be in a new world, with new experiences that are unfamiliar. We're confident that at the end of the weekend, you'll be glad you came, and you'll cherish the memories and new friendships you made. We hope you'll give Draconis a try! You won't regret it!

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